PART I-page 16

The True-Born Englishman. (page 16)

Proudly they learn all Mankind to contemn,
And all their Race are True-Born Englishmen.

    Dutch, Walloons, Flemings, Irishman, and Scots,
Vaudois and Valtolins, and Hugonots,
In good Queen Bess’s Charitable Reign,
Suppli’d us with Three hundred thousand Men.
Religion, God we thank thee, sent them hither,
Priests, Protestants, the Devil and all together:
Of all Professions, and of ev’ry Trade,
All that were persecuted or afraid;
Whether for Debt or other Crimes they fled,
David at Hackelah was still their Head.

    The Offspring of this Miscellaneous Crowd,
Had not their new Plantations long enjoy’d,
But they grew Englishmen, and rais’d their Votes
At Foreign Shoals of Interloping Scots.
The *Royal Branch from Pict-land did succeed, *K.J.I.
With Troops of Scots and Scabs, from North-by-Tweed.

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