PART I-page 15

PART I. (page 15)

The Pict and Painted Britain, Treach’rous Scot,
By Hunger, Theft, and Rapine, hither brought.
Norwegian Pirates, Buccaneering Danes,
Whose Red-hair’d Offspring ev’ry where remains.
Who join’d with Norman-French, compound the Breed
From whence your True-Born Englishmen proceed.

    And lest by Length of Time it be pretended,
The Climate may this Modern Breed ha’ mended,
Wise Providence, to keep us where we are,
Mixes us daily with exceeding Care:
We have been Europe’s Sink, the Jakes where she
Voids all her Offal Out-cast Progeny.
From our Fifth Henry’s time, the Strolling Bands
Of banish’d Fugitives from Neighb’ring Lands,
Have here a certain Sanctuary found:
The Eternal Refuge of the Vagabond.
Where in but half a common Age of Time,
Borr’wing new Blood and Manners from the Clime,

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