PART I-page 13

PART I. (page 13)

No Parliament his Army cou’d disband;
He rais’d no Money, for he paid in Land.
He gave his Legions their Eternal Station,
And made them all Freeholders of the Nation.
He canton’d out the Country to his Men,
And ev’ry Soldier was a Denizen.
The Rascals thus enrich’d, he call’d them Lords,
To please their Upstart Pride with new-made Words;
And Doomsday-Book his Tyranny records.

    And here begins the Ancient Pedigree
That so exalts our Poor Nobility:
‘Tis that from some French Trooper they derive,
Who with the Norman Bastard did arrive:
The Trophies of the Families appear;
Some show the Sword, the Bow, and some the Spear,
Which their Great Ancestor, forsooth, did wear.
These in the Heralds Register remain,
Their Noble Mean Extraction to explain.

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