PART I-page 12

The True-Born Englishman. (page 12)

Blended with Britains who before were here,
Of whom the Welsh ha’ blest the Character.

    From this Amphibious Ill-born Mob began
That vain ill-natur’d thing, an Englishman.
The Customs, Sirnames, Languages, and Manners,
Of all these Nations are their own Explainers:
Whose Relicks are so lasting and so strong;
They ha’ left a Shiboleth upon our Tongue;
By which with easy search you may distinguish
Your Roman-Saxon-Danish-Norman English.

    The great Invading *Norman let us know *With the Conq.
What Conquerors in After-Times might do.
To ev’ry *Musqueteer he brought to Town,
He gave the Lands which never were his own.
When first the English Crown he did obtain,
He did not send his Dutchmen home again.
No Reassumptions in his Reign were known,
D’avenant might there ha’ let his Book alone.
* or Archer.

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