PART I-page 11

PART I (page 11)

By sev’ral Crowds of Wandring Thieves o’re-run,
Often unpeopl’d and as oft undone
While ev’ry Nation that her Pow’rs reduc’d,
Their Languages and Manners introduc’d.
From whose mixt Relicks our compounded Breed,
By Spurious Generation does succeed;
Making a Race uncertain and unev’n,
Deriv’d from all the Nations under Heav’n.

    The Romans first with Julius Caesar came,
Including all the Nations of that Name,
Gauls, Greeks, and Lombards; and by Computation,
Auxiliaries or Slaves of ev’ry Nation.
With Hengists Saxons; Danes with Sueno came,
In search of Plunder, not in search of Fame.
Scots, Picts, and Irish from th’ Hibernian Shore:
And Conqu’ring William brought the Normans o’re.

    All these their Barb’rous Offspring left behind,
The Dregs of Armies, they of all Mankind;
C 2 Blended

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