PART I-page 10

The True-Born Englishman. (page 10)

    England unknown as yet, unpeopled lay;
Happy, had she remain’d so to this day,
And not to ev’ry Nation been a Prey.
Her Open Harbours; and her Fertile Plains,
The Merchants Glory these, and those the Swains,
To ev’ry Barbarous Nation have betray’d her,
Who conquer: her as oft as they Invade her.
So Beauty guarded but by Innocence,
That ruins her which should be her Defence.

    Ingratitude, a Devil of Black Renown,
Possess’d her very early for his own.
An Ugly, Surly, Sullen, Selfish Spirit,
Who Satan’s worst Perfections does inherit:
Second to him in Malice and in Force,
All Devil without, and all within him Worse.

    He made her First-born Race to be so rude,
And suffer’d her to be so oft subdu’d:

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