Introduction/Editorial Principles


There are several aims that form the rationale for this project:

The first aim is to provide a cost-free scholarly digital edition of Daniel Defoe’s, The True-Born Englishman. a Satyr. This will address problems with the accessibility of old texts, especially those only available as digital facsimiles. These facsimile’s are often only available through subscription services like Eighteenth Century Collections Online and Early English Books Online; these subscriptions are often very expensive and cost academic institutions large sums of money.

    A further aim is to establish a useful research tool for academics, students and scholars; working as a research tool to provide a cost-free scholarly edition and Contextual Commentary-consisting of a corpus of related information and related sources. To be a useful reference tool the online edition and the Contextual Commentary through hyperlinking will then link to and from each other. Its further intention with this is to improve the laboriousness of having to work with several different printed texts all at once by having a corpus of information all in one place that can be navigated quickly and effectively. These factors contribute to the rationale that digitisation can improve the use of old texts.

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Editorial Principles

This Edition
This online digital edition is based upon the first edition held at The British Library. The full record can been seen in the English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC 70649). The digital facsimile of 76 OCR images was corrected via 18thConnect ‘Typewright’ software. It was released for transcription from Eighteenth Century Collections Online.

Textual Editing
In keeping with the rationale of this project: capitalisation; italics; spelling; formatting; paragraph indenting; page numbers; page headings; titles; lines breaks; annotation’s (indicated by * in the text) and page signature’s have been preserved. The following features were omitted to adhere to general web standards: ‘Squashed J’s’, ‘the long s’ and ligature’s (i.e æ).
Suggested pagination errors have been corrected; the only pagination errors corrected are those that have occurred due to deterioration from water damage or general age. The original pagination errors are shown inside square brackets next the correction in the Online Edition.

How to cite this edition: Defoe, Daniel The True-Born Englishman. a Satyr; Luke Dawson ed. 2014. [Online] Available from: [Accessed “Date”]

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