Contextual Commentary Update

I am still hard at work on the contextual commentary. So far I have re-written its introduction six times and changed its structure countless times. However I do have some good news. I have almost cemented the four main headings of the commentary. These are as follows:

General Contexts

Historical/Political Contexts

Defoe’s Life in Context to The True-Born Englishman


Answers, Reactions, Attacks, Adaptions to The True-Born Englishman

The commentary is being written based upon a select set of research material as described in the introduction and is fully intended as an easy reference tool.

Please provide any feedback on the headings I have chosen or suggest any other headings you think should be explored to contextualise the poem.

Please also see the updated introduction:

The aim of this contextual commentary is to bring together a corpus of research, commentary and related texts to The True-Born Englishman. In doing this, I am hopefully creating a useful reference tool. One of the main aims of my digital re-creation is to provide a cost-free version of the text with a network of related material in all one place. As detailed in my preliminary work the contextual commentary is important when showing how digital publishing can improve the representation of old texts; going above and changing the limitations of using printed works as reference tools; aiming to improve the reading and studying of The True-Born Englishman. My work here is not an exhaustive list of sources or an exhaustive reference guide, for this reason the commentary will reflect upon some of the main works (print and digital) that have sought to contextualise and understand The True-Born Englishman.

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